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About Thinwire

Thinwire is a content management system at Tufts powered by WordPress.  It is used primarily by units and departments within Central Administration.  If you are not part of Central Administration, you can find what web resources are available for you on the Digital Communications website. Thinwire is not currently open to new sites.

Digital Communications upgraded the version of WordPress behind all Thinwire sites to version 4.1 in the spring of 2015. In addition, we have hired a part-time resource to provide support and training. If you are a current Thinwire client, you can contact thinwire@tufts.edu with any questions or requests.

Digital Communications charges a minimal fee to use Thinwire, which helps us provide support and training to our clients.  There are many features available to help create the website you need.

Upgrade Status

Upgrading Thinwire means not only updating the backend, but also updating the support available to Thinwire users!