Thinwire Features

Creating Content

  • Revision History – Save previous versions with the ability to revert to any version.
  • Password protection – Easily protect individual pages (or blog posts) with a password.
  • Post to the future – Write content today and have it appear on at a future date, automatically.
  • Multimedia – Embed video and audio hosted externally (e.g., YouTube or Vimeo)
  • File/picture uploading – Upload pictures or files, and link to them or display them in your pages.
  • Categories – Organize your content into categories, and sub-categories, sub-sub categories…
  • Tags – Tag your content with keywords and even create tag clouds.
  • Save Drafts – Save your unfinished articles, improve them later, publish when you’re done.
  • Previewing Posts – Preview the article before you press the “Publish” button.

Blog Posts

  • Blogs or News Section – Create a blog or news section to your site independent of your site pages.
  • Automatic Archiving – All posts are automatically archived into groupings you choose.

Additional Features

  • Clean URLs – Control your site URLs.
  • Meta Data – Control your site and page meta data
  • RSS Feeds – Your site will automatically generate RSS feeds that feed out. You can also import any valid RSS feed into your site.
  • Custom Forms – Create custom forms and control form recipients.
  • Dynamic Content – Embed Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and other popular external content.
  • Calendar – Post and manage events in the built-in Google calendar. Place “upcoming events” list on your homepage or in sidebars.
  • Photo Galleries – Easily manage photo galleries.
  • And much moreā€¦